It was -25℃ the other day.

Just prior to Old Man Winter deciding to rear his geriatric head this season, we at The Required Uniform were discussing the seemingly impossible task of unique winter layering. When it gets as cold as it does where we are, we’re guaranteed to be surrounded by puffy, over-sized Canada Goose jackets (or their budget equivalents), tasselled ski-hill hats, and girls who insist on abusing their right to wear Uggs.

We’ve also noticed an increase in the sporting of pea-coats amongst our fellow gents, but are unconvinced that simply throwing one on automatically equates you looking like a badass. Luckily, we stumbled upon the photo (above) of Stéphane Ashpool taken by Justin Chung that inspired a sort of cold-weather layering challenge. 

Granted, Mr. Ashpool’s exact getup won’t work for those minus double-digit days, but if you deconstruct what he’s wearing and then apply it to your own closet and local forecast, principally, you should look just as killer as he does. Thin hoodies, warn out cotton oxfords, and baggy ribbed cardigans are easy ways to up the dynamism of your look. And do yourself a favour by going against your standard layering order. Ashpool himself has what looks to be a navy sportcoat over an oxford over a sweatshirt over a tank/scoop neck tee. Touché, sir.

If you don’t have one already, keep your eyes open for a lightweight, but preferably insulated, flannel hunting jacket that you can layer either over or under one of your other spring/fall outerwear pieces. One look that we saw recently and dug was the layering of a dark green, wide plaid, flannel jacket with a grey tweed utility vest. Flannels also look great paired with a heavier dark denim jacket, again, either over or under, depending on sizing.

A good scarf can make a huge difference as well. If you keep your neck warm you can ditch the singular heavy coat for multiple thinner layers without feeling overly exposed to the elements. If you do opt for a peacoat or duffle and are worried about over-heating, you can still rock a scarf outside your jacket or tuck it into one of your pockets, that way can still show it off - like a giant dangling pocket-square

If you want heaps more winter-layering ideas head over to GQ and check out the street style shots by Tommy Ton (we especially like slide 69 from this year’s Pitti Uomo). 

Stay warm. Look great.



Canvas  by  andbamnan